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I love your Bucket Bowls. we use them for all kinds of things, not just dog food.  It is such a versatile tool at our house.  We always seem to need buckets and bowls (we have cats, a horse and donkey, in addition to dogs).  We use them to store all kinds of food and when we have to travel, it's so convenient to just put some food in them and load up!
Thanks so much for your great idea!

Diane Hagler
Hi-                                                                      Morgan eating out of her bucket bowl.
I just wanted to let you know that we have
been using the Bucket Bowls for about a month.
I received one through Weimaraner Rescue.
We love it!
Thank you so much!   
Susan Little
Weim Rescue
         I wanted to write to let you know how handy I find the Bucket Bowl. I have to travel for business on overnight trips and take my Great Dane to a friend's house to stay. Prior to Bucket Bowls, this entailed measuring out my dog's special food into a garbage bag, tying it up, then taking apart his elevated feeder (7 pieces all together) and carrying it all down the stairs, into the garage, etc. Now, I keep a Bucket Bowl of his food ready to go and fill the other with toys, leash and treats. That way, when it is time to go, I just put them in the car and go. Sometimes, I just leave them in my car! That way Chad still gets the food and elevated water and feeding dish he requires, but I don't have to spend any extra time or effort getting him ready for his overnight visits! Thank you for inventing this!!!

Sara Craven, Plano, TX

Dear Bucket Bowl,

         I want to thank you for coming up with a product that is so convenient for our 3 outside dogs.  When I buy a big bag of dog food, I fill the bucket bowls up and then throw away the empty bag. The food stays fresh for the dogs. The best part about the bucket bowl is that because we keep food out at all times we have battled the ants getting into the dog food. I have tried everything before getting my Bucket Bowls, even putting the dog bowls in a pan of water. I have been using Bucket Bowls for a couple of months now and the ants are not a problem. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Lana Gammill, TX

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