Highlights of Bucket Bowl

  •   Low-cost elevated pet feeder

  •   All in one feeder and storage area

  •   Stores food, water, toys and treats

  •   Deters pests and pets

  •   Holds in freshness

  •   Leak and spill resistant

  •   Portable

  •   Durable

  •   Stackable

  •   Reusable

  •   Easy carry handle

  •   Fills for a weighted pet dish

  •   Also a simple ground level pet dish

  •   Available in four sizes

  •   Available with your company logo





                                    7 gallon not pictured



                                                                            Bucket Bowl is

                                                         an innovative,

                                                         new, low-cost

                                                         product designed

                                                         to meet the needs

                                                         of many pet owners.


      Itís a bowl and a bucket combined to form an elevated feeding unit that results in a healthier and more comfortable feeding position for large breed dogs and other animals.


      The bowl contains an integral mounting ring that attaches to the lip of the bucket forming an enclosed storage space.  This makes the Bucket Bowl a pest and element resistant storage system in which food, water, toys, treats, and other pet sundries can be kept. 


      The Bucket Bowl is available in four bucket sizes:  3, 5, 6, and 7 gallon.  The bowl is universal in size and securely fits all four available bucket sizes.


      Bucket Bowlís elevation height and storage capacity changes with bucket size used enabling it to accommodate many different sizes of animals.


            The combination feeding and storage capabilities along with the bucketís carrying handle make the Bucket Bowl a portable, all inclusive, feeding, watering and pet care product.




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